Welcome To Under the Arch

Welcome to the official blog of The Washington Square News. Take a moment to read our About page and understand the premise. We begin our blog with the first theme:

The Washington Square Park arch.

Photos by Julie DeVito

Photos by Julie DeVito

Dear Reader,

We each individually decide the significance of the Washington Square Park arch. At times it may seem elegiac or majestic, and at other times a hackneyed symbol thrown on a banner or flyer above a trite slogan. But no matter what your thoughts on the block of concrete that crowns NYU, it has seen the beginnings and ends of stories you could never hope to glimpse. Its history is as fraught with drama as the people who walk below it.

Here at Under the Arch, we’ve chosen that same arch to represent this blog. Every week, we’ll bring you a new story arc, a new theme and new reports on ordinary NYU lives in the hopes of capturing the zeitgeist of our generation. In an introductory post like this one at the beginning of each week, I’ll present you with the pieces we offer. In writing these stories, we hope for the smile, or tear or guffaw or extra heart beat from you.

And as you read, think about your own experiences at NYU. Will your imprint on the university follow a smooth line, or will it follow a dramatic arc that peaks and falls? Or will you match a trajectory as chaotic as an accelerated day under the arch? How will you remember and recount your stories? Most believe they shape the stories they hear and tell, but often the reverse is the case. And I hope that at least one of our stories will find you on your journey through NYU.

Happy reading,

Amy Aixi Zhang
Blogs Managing Editor


– A History and Reflection by Daniel Huang
– A Walk in the Park by Lawrence Wu
– Dealing Under the Arch by Amy Aixi Zhang
– Time by Lawrence Wu


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