Theme II: Leadership

Almost every day we hear about another article thrashing NYU’s President John Sexton. Entire student, faculty and community groups are dedicated to criticizing his name, his role and what he symbolizes. All the heated reports culminated this summer in Sexton’s announcement to step down after 2016. Most recently, an article in the New Yorker disclosed much of Sexton’s personal history and daily life.

WSN’s Under the Arch is not a stage for opprobrium or adulation for any group or belief. But this period of the university’s history is undoubtedly about leadership, about the relationship leaders create (or fail to create) with their followers, and the broad ramifications of their decisions. So this week on the blog, we decided to examine some of the leaders we encounter at our time at NYU.

The leaders we talk to and profile in our pieces range from those students see every day to leaders they meet once or twice a week. Some are leaders they voted for, and others are leaders they spurn.

While each story can comment on the strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of leaders, don’t look for a lesson or moral. Instead, just follow. Tag along for the ride. I hope you’ll see your next commander a bit differently.

Happy reading,

Amy Aixi Zhang
Blogs Managing Editor

TABLE OF CONTENTS (updated throughout the week)
Drawing the Line by Emma Scoble
– (Removed) A Spark and a Fall by Andy Sachs
Free Housing, Free Meals, Fun Programs and Bomb Threats? by Ashley Ahn
Leading Lessons by Daniel Huang


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