Theme III: Relationships/Sex | Love and other things

by Grace Kim and Lawrence Wu


Justin Chu, CAS Senior | Cara Solina, CAS Sophomore
Couple, together for 6 months.
Chu: She was across the room in my Spanish class, so I had to go up and talk to her.
Solina: I didn’t even know he was even asking me out at first.
Chu: Well I wanted to study. First date we went out for Thai food. It was pretty mundane at first.
Solina: Yea, it was pretty boring. But it got better. He thought it had to be really serious.
Chu: I’m a very serious guy.


Daria Bayer, LLM law
Long-distance relationship
People are focused, but either they’re studying or drinking.

Q: Is finding a stable relationship easy?
A: I think it’s easy, or maybe too easy. I’m not used to this. I’m from Germany, and you wouldn’t just talk to people on the street. You would respect their privacy.
It’s also hard to make friends here because everyone just wants to have a fling.


Regular park goer. Raised the pigeon from a fledgling.


“Anonymous: I know one friend who’d do stuff on the roof of our building. It’s very nice. It’s very romantic. They found a place where the camera wasn’t looking. Except it’s winter, 30 degrees outside. I didn’t get it. Whatever, that was their thing.”


Q: What do you think makes a good relationship?

Q: What do you look for in a girl?
Umm, kindness. I don’t know – a certain kind of energy. Can’t really put it into words.

Q: Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?
Uh, I’m gonna say out in a field once.

Q: Like countryside?
Yeah, like in-between the wheat stalks.


Q: If you could choose a place to have sex, a crazy place, where would you have it?
Oh, god! I feel like any place I think of has faults. Like I would think of a beach, but wouldn’t sand get everywhere? Like, I hear it’s not that great. And I want to go camping, but there are rocks and bugs there.

Q: Would you ever experiment with the opposite sex?
Yeah, why not?


Q: Have you ever been in a relationship where you weren’t honest?
Haha, yeah.

Q: Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex before?
In a karaoke bar. Various bathrooms.

Q: Do you have a sexual fantasy?
I guess in a public place.

Q: Like in a park?
Yeah, like where it’s almost flagrant. I guess a chance of almost getting caught.


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