Theme III: Relationships/Sex

My own thoughts about relationships couldn’t be more than navel-gazing reflections. I’m a straight, Asian girl who has never been in one.

But as an outsider looking in, I’ve at least learned that intimate relationships seem to be the guiding forces of life here at NYU. And I’ve seen that each relationship is built on expectations, weak and strong. The tether that ties former strangers together can crystallize or crack as expectations are broken or confirmed.

At NYU more so than most colleges, these expectations are given free space to roam. We welcome relationships of all orientations, races and ethnicities. We’re allowed to assume another person will love, like or care for us no matter the time or distance. It’s not sentimental claptrap, but a truly beautiful thing.

We obviously couldn’t cover every type of relationship on our blog. Instead, we endeavored, as always, to find stories that provide a peephole into the life of the community. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Happy reading,
Amy Aixi Zhang
Blogs Managing Editor

Tables of Contents (updated throughout the week)
Don’t Try This at Home by Alyssa Matesic
Even More Than OK by Chloe Smith
A Personality Test with an NYU Thrust by The Under the Arch Staff
Love and Other Things by Grace Kim and Lawrence Wu


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