Theme IV: Living Without _____

We’re all privileged; we attend NYU. And some of us are more privileged than others. But we’re also human. We forget quite easily.

As we move through life, most of us sweep more of the gifts bestowed by friends, by family, by love, and by life, the gifts that seem to self-replenish or sustain, to the side. Technological advancements, basic human necessities, norms, and lifestyles are all caught in a dragnet of expectation and assumption.

The words “don’t take for granted” form such a stale phrase. But perhaps a fresh look from the eyes of those who can’t take because, perhaps, it never existed, or disappeared, or was ignored. Each of them lived without. I know for me reminders don’t come as often as they should, so I hope these stories stir something familiar in you.

Happy reading,

Amy Aixi Zhang
Blogs Managing Editor

Table of Contents (updated throughout the week)
Living Without Your Cell by Daniel Hinton
Living Without Sleep by Chloe Smith
Living Without Drugs by Ilana Ladis


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