Theme II: Sunsets

As of today, we have about a week before the fall equinox hits and brings with it the end of summer. Honestly, I prefer autumn, but summer’s a popular season as far as seasons go, and as the summer sun sets and people return to their daily indoor lives, this week’s theme is “Sunsets.”

The image of a setting sun is a universal one; it always signals some sort of change, as one part of our lives comes to an end in place of a new one. It can be dark and unfamiliar, but often the most interesting things stay dormant until the sun has long since vanished.

But while there’s a lot of metaphors I could make, sometimes a sunset is literally just daytime turning into nighttime. We’ll have that too.

Photo by Isabella Tan (

Photo by Isabella Tan (


Jonathan Kesh

Under the Arch Editor


Table of Contents (updated throughout the week)

On Death by Dana Reszutek

Gateway to Nightlife by Hae Bin Kim

New York Before Dusk by Various


One comment

  1. Jeyna Grace · September 16, 2014

    Yup, sometimes a sunset is simply a sunset.

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