Theme II, Sunsets: Gateway to Nightlife

By Hae Bin Kim

Finally, as the daylight hours curtail and as the crisp autumn wind blows, it is clear that the long, hot summer has finally closed its curtains. This signifies a couple of critical expirations: no more sleeping in until the afternoon, no more mindless partying until dawn, and no more cooking homemade meals with the family. In other words: adios to the heydays.

But don’t be so disappointed — when the sun falls, the moon also rises. NYU is full of bustling students at night, searching for a crowd to join. Whether it is for studying, eating, or playing with friends, there is always a place for everyone.

Photo by Jonathan Kesh

Photo by Jonathan Kesh

At Bobst Library, NYU students are spotted nearly everywhere: on the carpets of the first floor in the Mamdouha S. Bobst Gallery, underground in the study spaces of the lower floors, at the several dozen desks in the upper levels, and in the lobby atrium. Literally, NYU students will sit down and read a book at Bobst anywhere, anytime. Since the start of classes, I regularly reserve study spaces in the lower floor with my friends. The secluded and private nature of these rooms allows me to better focus on my work while socializing with my friends at the same time.

Back in the dorm rooms, the alluring smell of pizza, sushi, chipotle, and cookies brew, as delivery services run throughout the night to keep customers satisfied. My roommates and I enjoy ordering Insomnia Cookies. In the intermissions of hardcore studyi sessions, I find it easier to study when I am “sugar high.” These late night snacks work as a sweet escape in the midst of despair. I never really believed in the “freshmen 15” jinx to be true — already NYU has proven me wrong.

But before I came to New York, I did not envision the hours of work and toil, spent in the library or at my desk, but rather, I imagined the glamour of my life after the sun set. Because as everyone knows, New York City is famous for its nightlife — clubs, lounges and casual bars, though some of these apply only to those over the age of 21. Yet still, 21 or not, the best part of New York City nights are the spectacular parties. From the first few Welcome Week and frat parties, naïve freshmen have their first experiences of real “college parties” and are absolutely stupefied by such grandeur. And for those who stay in, in the various corners of the dorms, you can easily find booming bass and the sharp smell of spilled vodka, while cheers and laughter burst from at least three rooms on each floor. Sometimes my floor-mates and I even hold movie nights, gathering in the long hallways around a large MacBook, collectively freaking out over horror movies. This weekend, however, you may spot me dancing the night away at the KSA’s “Escape XX Party” at the B.B. King club near Times Square, so join me if you can. Otherwise, after the sun sets on a long week of classes, I hope all of you have a sensational Friday night.

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

New York City never goes to sleep; in fact, the highlight of the day is the nighttime. So don’t feel so miserable that the golden summer has passed by so quickly because after the sunset is where the real fun is. Although I am a foreign student from Korea with a completely different culture, I have still managed to find a place in this new world. The end is always a new beginning — sometimes, the moon can shine brighter than the sun.


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