Theme III, Do-overs: In the Square, Pt.1

Reporting by Ludovica Grieco, Photography by Alyssa Matesic

The following is a collection of NYU students seen around Washington Square Park. Every individual was asked what they would do over again, if they had the chance:


Joe Zelaskowski, Junior: I guess try harder in high school… didn’t study, could have done better… but whatever.”


Michelle Shamouilian, Freshman: “I would do over waiting until October of my senior year in high school to take my SATs. Also, I would do-over quitting playing the bass. I would continue.”


Marybeth Grove, First year Graduate: “I would probably start my undergraduate at this school, I started and then transferred. It’s weird being back and the first day I came back I went back to my freshmen dorm, it was really strange. Coming back here, it is really weird to know my way around already, compared to the other people I’ve met, so I did do it over.”


Dan Moritz-Rabson, Sophomore: “I’m very indecisive. Lets start there… I would probably say that what I would do over is I would try and explore the city more, I feel like I’ve spent most of my time around Washington Square Park and let the classes and the things I was doing at NYU consume me, but I was here over the summer and I explored a lot and it just gives a different perspective to explore the different neighborhoods.”


Divya Ram, Second Year Graduate: “It’s hard to say…really, I’d do over high school. Back in India, I had a really good time.”


Michael Stromer, Sophomore (The person, not the puppy): “I would probably explore the city more.”


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