Theme III, Do-overs: In the Square, Pt.2

Reporting by Ludovica Grieco, Photography by Alyssa Matesic

The following is a collection of NYU students seen around Washington Square Park. Every individual was asked what they would do over again, if they had the chance:


Reena Jailwala, Sophomore: “I would definitely do over my year in China. I lived there for 9 months and it was one of those things where yes, I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot from them. I would love to just relive that.”


Mendel Schwartz, Freshman: “I’d like to know more about my home town, I’d do that over. I’ve never been a tourist in my own home, so this time whenever I’m back, I might try to get that done, do it over again.”


Raven Cedeno, Junior: “Well, I just went to a meeting for my Nutrition major, so we’re supposed to do an internship but I didn’t know that… So that’s what I would do over, maybe I shouldn’t be a Nutrition major, it’s a really good program, but I’m just really confused right now…”


Tristan Armstrong, Sophomore: “I guess it would be… this kind of sounds bad but… I was kind of a dick in the beginning of high school. Honestly, not very nice to my friends sometimes, I’d do that over, because now they’re my best friends.”


John Mayer, Sophomore: “I’d go out and explore the clubs a little bit more. For me, I found a few clubs I was into and I zoned in on those, like the ones I saw at the very first club fest, but didn’t explore afterwards.”

For more student voices, check Part 1, published earlier this week.


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