Theme IV: Money

One of NYU’s biggest problems is that nowadays, it tends to evoke images not of “academics,” but of “money.” We may be in an academic institution, and a generally well-respected one, but for a school with a small endowment (ours is $2.9 billion, compared to Columbia’s $8.2 billion) seated in Manhattan, the most expensive borough of one of America’s most expensive cities, money should be tight.

For many students, it is. Not so much for the administration.

Things like inflated tuition and expensive standards of living certainly haven’t been making NYU life any easier. Which is why the theme for this week is “money,” as NYU students share experiences of their funds and their lack thereof, both inside and outside the school, and in and of the city.


Jonathan Kesh

Under the Arch Editor

John Sexton looks amazing with Ben Franklin's hair.

But you gotta admit, John Sexton looks amazing with Ben Franklin’s hair.


Table of Contents (updated throughout the week):

Stories from Food Service by Alyssa Matesic

Abroad: Discovery and Dentistry in Nepal by Hae Bin Kim

Column: In My Other Life by Mickey Shiotani


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