Theme VI: Underground

As enormously tall and reaching as our skyscrapers are, we as New Yorkers spend an oddly significant portion of our time beneath the Earth’s surface. How often do you make it to the top of the Empire State Building? How often do you descend multiple flights of steps to try and get to your train before it leaves the station?

Our status as a subterranean people doesn’t just extend to our frequent trips to subway stations and basements. With our massive population, it’s easy for things to slip under the radar. New York, and NYU on a smaller scale, is a culture composed of smaller subcultures that most of us are unaware of. Name every club on campus; there are so many. I’ve been here for years, and I still learn about sports teams I didn’t know we had. They’re certainly not intended to be underground, but at a school this size, most of NYU culture is underground to most other students.

It isn’t even a question of being in the “mainstream.” One of the beauties of New York and NYU is that there isn’t really a mainstream. Except for the subways. Everyone is on those.

underground train

POV: You, missing your train


Jonathan Kesh

Under the Arch Editor

Table of Contents (updated throughout the week):

Compact Diversity by Shawn Paik

Fake IDs by Anonymous

Subway Portraits by Hae Bin Kim

Rap Scene by Kyung Jae Min


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