Theme VII, Spectrum: Rating Places

By Eva Dominguez

Because NYU’s urban campus is basically half of Manhattan, there are many places that offer anything you need–from a quiet place to study to a crowded place to people watch. It’s difficult to find that go-to place for when you’re in a specific mood, so I visited several spots around NYU and judged how they worked out for each category on a spectrum of good or bad.

1. Having a mental breakdown because you don’t know what you’re doing with your life

Place: 726 Broadway, 6th floor

Rating: *****

spectrum tissue

A visit with your academic adviser is always a good place to start.


Place: Downstein

Rating: ****

spectrum ice cream

You won’t figure it all out there, but at least you can cry it out with a bowl of ice cream. Or five. Who cares, it’s all one meal swipe.


2. Relieving oneself

Place: Kimmel, 5th floor

Rating: *****

spectrum toilet

​This is the best public bathroom experience you will ever have. It’s clean, completely empty, and has a full-length mirror for bathroom selfies. It’s in Kimmel, so it’s convenient for all those mid-club meeting bathroom trips from all that free food and drinks you showed up for.


Place: Weinstein, 2nd floor lounge

Rating: *

spectrum sinks

Do not use the toilet here! It doesn’t even flush! Plus it has one toilet and two sinks. That doesn’t even make sense.


3. Finding a husband

Place: NYU law school

Rating: ****

spectrum garden

They’re going to be rich lawyers some day. Think about it.


4. Being super creeped out

Place: Brown building, 4th floor hallway

Rating: ****

spectrum hallway

This hallway gives off an eerie vibe. When you enter, it’s always empty and emits a low humming sound from nowhere. It’s the kind of location you’d see in a horror film.


Place: Rubin Hall basement

Rating: *****

spectrum rubin

Doing laundry in Rubin at 3 am sounds like a good idea until you go down there into a hall of many twists and turns and strange basement noises.


5. Staring at old white men

Place: Bobst Library, Mamdouha S. Bobst Gallery

Rating: ***

spectrum bobst

Sit back on one of the little black cushions on the other side of the room and enjoy the view.


6. Breaking up with someone

Place: NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, 1st floor random kitchen

Rating: ***

spectrum chairs

There’s a random little kitchen in a closet if you look down the hall to the left of the elevators. It’s private. It only has room for two chairs. Sit down with your soon-to-be-not-significant other and break the news. Afterwards, they can heat up a snack in the microwave for emotional eating.


Place: Washington Square Park, under the arch

Rating: *****

spectrum arch

What a beautiful place to break someone’s heart. This is especially a prime site to break up with an NYU student because they’ll have to pass by the arch at least a few times until they graduate, and the memory of the break up will always sting just a little bit.


7. Signing Autographs

Place: Stern building, outside the John A. Paulson Auditorium

Rating: ****

spectrum table

No one seems to sit here, so bring a pen and offer your signature to confused passersby.


Place: Bobst Library, 1st floor dark corner

Rating: **

spectrum bobst 2

This is just a dark corner. No one’s going to see you. Don’t sign autographs here.


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