Theme X: Sensory

We tend to judge everything around us based on sight. Sometimes on sound as well, but that’s often secondary (assuming we’re not talking about a band). When faced with a problem, we look for a solution; we don’t hear for a solution, taste for a solution, we rarely feel out a solution and even more rarely do we smell out a solution. In our extremely visual culture, the non-visual senses, which is to say almost all of them, take a backseat.

The goal of Under the Arch’s final theme of the Fall 2014 semester is to explore these senses, all of them, and perceive NYU in a somewhat unusual way. Besides looking at it, we will hear it. We will feel it. We will taste it.

And damn it, we’re gonna smell it.


Jonathan Kesh

Under the Arch Editor

“Visual Culture” by James Miille

Table of Contents (updated throughout the week):

“We Can’t Breathe” – Sights and Sounds of NYC Protest by Jonathan Kesh


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