Theme I: Five Senses, Intro

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to Under the Arch! In our fourth semester, we aim to entertain with many intriguing new themes, exciting new voices, and more stories that reflect the lives of New York University students.

This week, we explore what it means to experience New York City with each of our five senses. By virtue of living in NYC, we are constantly immersed in a dynamic, cacophonous environment that we claim as both our campus and adopted home. As we rush from class to class, from studying in Bobst to bar-hopping in East Village,  how often do we stop to appreciate this hectic city with all of our faculties? In the next few days, we invite you to slow down with us: to look, listen, smell, touch, and taste.

Under the Arch is only as good as our readers, so I hope that you will continue to join us as we discover new perspectives. As you peruse, I hope that our stories will make you smile, laugh out loud, shed a little tear, or, at the very least, find some relief from the daily grind of NYU.

Happy Reading,

Emma Scoble

Under the Arch Editor



Sight by Grace Halio

Sound by Erin Siu

Taste by Alyssa Mora

Touch by Su Young Lee

Smell by by Jonathan Keshishoglou, Ariana DiValentino and Emma Scoble


One comment

  1. Sandi Morrison · February 12, 2015

    Alyssa, you don’t know me; but I am a member of the Grand Prairie (Texas, for those of you who don’t know) Metro Rotary Club. We helped you out a little, as we could, in reaching your school of choice. Your mom sent us the link to your newsletter and I read your article entitled “Taste”. It was delightful, poignant very well written! I know your mom is very proud of you, and so are we! I hope you will come pay us a visit at the Ruthe Jackson Center some Tuesday at noon when you are home. We’ll buy your lunch, but I can’t guarantee it will be some good Tex-Mex cuisine. As a side note, I proofread and edit for friends, businesses, my Church and many organizations because God gifted me with an uncanny eye for spelling, grammatical, punctuation, pronoun usage and typographical errors. I seldom read a piece, whether it’s an ad, an article, brochure or any form of published literature without finding at least one (or more) such errors. Even though I don’t look for them, they seem to jump off the page at me. I am happy to say I didn’t find anything that needed correcting in your piece. Well done–keep up the great work; I know you will go far in life! Blessings, from Sandi Morrison on behalf of all members of our Club.

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