Theme I: Five Senses, Smell

by Jonathan Keshishoglou, Ariana DiValentino and Emma Scoble

Photo by Felipe De La Hoz

Photo by Felipe De La Hoz

 Washington Square Park: weed, grass, peanuts, hot dogs, sunscreen

Kimmel Jonothan Tan

Photo by Jonothan Tan

Kimmel Center for University Life: pasta, pizza, tuna salad, processed sugar cookies

BOBST by sang bae

Photo by Sang Bae

Bobst Library: dust, sadness, desperation, and your neighbor’s weird smelling food

brown building Rachel Liquindoli

Photo by Rachel Liquindoli

Waverly Building/Brown Building/Silver Center of Arts and Science: buttered onion bagels, Pizza Mercato, linoleum, used bandaids


Photo via

Coles: sweat, plastic, underarm deodorant, juicy fruit gum, trash

macdougal wiki

Photo via

MacDougal: Artichoke Pizza, coffee,  smoke, spaghetti, perfume, and rum

stern via facebook

Photo via Facebook

Stern School of Business: champagne, big business, capitalism, halal

lafayette coutesy of NYU

Photo via NYU

 Lafayette Residence Hall: rats, urine, candy, cookies fresh from the oven

third north via nyu

Photo via NYU

Third North Residence Hall: stale bread, sweat, egg salad, pancakes, orange juice, freshman tears


Photo by Emma Scoble

St.Marks: fried noodles, weed, rum, ramen, axe body spray, overly sweet perfume, vinegar, french fries

alumni via nyu

Photo via NYU

 Alumni: loneliness, take-out, bagels

ward pettibone university place

Photo by Ward Pettibone

University Place: pork fat, coffee, chai tea lattes, hot chocolate, grilled sandwiches, Chipotle, pesto crepes

gramercy via nyu

Photo via NYU

 Gramercy Green Residence Hall: hot pockets cooked in touch-screen microwaves, omlettes, dishwasher steam, vodka

Union_Square via wikimedia

Photo via

Union Square: earthy vegetables, malt liquor, peppermint chewing gum, incense, chicken nuggets


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