Theme II: A Grain of Salt, Advice From Around Campus

By Emily Harris

4“Time is the most valuable resource and is one that you can’t have back or create more of…use it wisely and concisely,” Harry Terrell, Steinhardt ’16

DSC07848 (1)

 “Always prioritize sleep,” Simar Deol, Liberal Studies ’18 (Left)

“Bacon,” Anouck Geday, Liberal Studies ’18 (right)


“Find and choose something you’re passionate about because there is no better place to do it than here,” Nina Raffio, Steinhardt ’16

DSC07851 (1)

“My mum told me to never go to Dunkin Donuts in America,” Jodie Miller, Stern ’18


“Most people mess up something good because they’re looking for something better just to end up with something worse,” Anika Himani, Liberal Studies’ 18

DSC07850 (1)

“Don’t worry about leg day,” Emma Rodelius, Steinhardt ’18


“Life’s too short, stay awake for it,” Kate Heldt, Liberal Studies ’18 (left)

“Don’t drown in student debt,” Sergey Gerasimov, Stern ’18 (right)

DSC07854 (1)

“Listen to your own advice,” Daniella Ashoori, CAS ’17


“Best advice I got was to go to Sydney for J-Term.. It was amazing,” Beatrice Ionascu, NYU Abu Dhabi/NYU Poly ’16


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