Theme II: A Grain of Salt, Intro

In our moments of self-doubt, we are compelled to search for answers. Most of us find our answers from the advice of others, but whom do we choose to share our predicaments with? Is a stranger the most impartial, clear-minded judge? Or, do we consult trusted loved ones who have preconceived notions but have been with us all along? Perhaps, we must seek advice from the beyond—through psychics and fortunetellers? Or maybe not.

Frequently, even when it seems that we have found our sense of direction, we are inundated with advice: from parents, siblings, professors, magazines, talk show hosts, Buzzfeed lists—you name it. Too often, we receive more advice than we know what to do with. So, we listen—or pretend to listen—with a healthy dose of skepticism.

This week, we offer words of wisdom from voices around campus and, of course, from an East Village mystic. However, as with all advice, we understand if you take it with a grain of salt.

Happy Reading,

Emma Scoble

Under the Arch Editor



Advice From Around Campus by Emily Harris

“What I Wish I had Known” from a Freshman by Su Young Lee

“What I Wish I had Known” from a Senior by Jordan Melendrez

Advice from a Psychic by Amy Tiong




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