Theme II: A Grain of Salt, Advice from a Psychic

By Amy Tiong


I was a bit skeptical going into the psychic reading. I’ve heard the rumors. People have told me things ranging from, “they’ll take all of your cash” to “don’t get kidnapped.” A friend of mine warned me, “Beware. They might tell you your cat is gonna die.” Although I don’t have a cat, I do have a fish, so I was still concerned.

On assignment for Under the Arch, I was to find a psychic and get a reading. After two defunct shops, three threats, and four scams, I realized it would not be easy. In truth, I didn’t think there would be a rankings for psychics, as it’s quite odd to think about who is the “best” psychic. Yet, Google searches and Facebook pages led me to tarot card reader Angela Lucy. I’m not sure if it was her functioning phone number or her respectful phone manner that led me to her apartment on 7 East 14th St. Either way, I am glad I stumbled upon her.

Angela Lucy changed my disposition towards psychics. I didn’t quite leave her apartment a believer, but her card and website did clearly state “For Entertainment Purposes Only.” She never claimed to give instructions on how to live life, but rather she gave advice—advice that I found unbiased yet supported by pure chance. Angela lets the cards guide her but speaks from her own mind.

IMG_1846-2Upon entering Angela Lucy’s lair, I was expecting elaborate shrines, chimes, and a crystal ball. Instead, her apartment was an inviting living room, adorned with small candles, humble but bright paintings, and a small Buddhist statue. She wore a muted pink and yellow dress with elaborately embroidery. Her tarot cards quaintly matched the pattern and color of her dress, and we both laughed about since it was mere coincidence. The room, combined with Angela Lucy’s warm, godmother-like personality, created an inviting atmosphere that I could’ve basked in all day. My appointment was fifteen minutes long, and I asked two questions. 


Since my appointment was on Valentine’s Day, I of course asked Lucy about love. I expected generic gibberish, but what I received was surprisingly accurate. When it comes to love, you could say that I’m a hopeful cynic. Angela Lucy’s reading was about a departed relationship, but she didn’t promise a reunion. Instead, she told me that perhaps it didn’t work for all the right reasons. Upon hearing this, I laughed because her reading was all too accurate. My relationship had not only been toxic but impractical, facts that I had not shared with Angela Lucy. She said that whether it is with him or another, I have the capability to make something happen. She told me it’s okay if I am cautious, but it is not in my best interest to avoid love altogether.

IMG_1851-3 My second question was about my major, a typical concern college students have. From her tarot cards, Angela Lucy read to me that the stars would align no matter what I choose. She told me our majors hardly dictate our futures and we learn most of our knowledge from experience rather than books. As an artist, I had already known this. However, her reassurance was comforting.

Angela Lucy, now rightfully deemed a good psychic in my book, isn’t a mind reader or fortuneteller—she is a people person. She was able not to read me but to understand and relate to my mood and character. My visit taught me that we can pick up a lot from people, if we take the time to really listen and observe. Unlike most of us, Angela Lucy is an expert at this. She seemed to have the power to turn the hopeful cynic in me to a hopeful idealist, even if just for a little while. I left with the feeling that good things will come, but more importantly, that I have the willpower to make my own good fortune.


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