Theme III: Classes that Changed Our Lives, Intro

I still remember the moment that I fell in love with NYU.

I was a high school senior visiting in April 2013, sitting in on Martin Reichert’s Cultural Foundations II class in the Silver Center. Professor Reichert was lecturing about an ancient Chinese text, and all of his students were on the edge of their seats, completely engaged in his words. As he began a round-table discussion, I remember the energy in the air as questions about the text sparked a lively debate. The class fed off each other’s words and intellectual enthusiasm, and I saw it on the face of every student: passion. I knew then that I wanted, needed, to be a part of that dynamic, thought-provoking learning environment. I decided that day that NYU was where I wanted to be.

Since beginning my studies at NYU, I have not been disappointed. In my time here, I have encountered professors and classes that have compelled me to look inward to my beliefs and aspirations and outward to our society and how we operate in this world. I know that I and many others have—by luck, advice from a friend, or meticulous research from “”—ended up in classes that have touched and inspired us. So this week, from across majors and colleges, we offer you a glimpse into the classes that changed our lives.

Happy Reading,

Emma Scoble

Under the Arch Editor



Reflections From Around Campus by Emily Harris

Social Foundations I by Erin Siu

Photography I by Marina Zheng

Entertainment Law by Alexa Spieler

Undercover Reporting by Jordan Melendrez


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