Theme III: Classes that Changed Our Lives, Reflections from Around Campus

By Emily Harris


“What changed me at NYU are the people. Hearing the stories of my peers, security guards, dining hall chefs, and everyone in the NYU community have helped me realize how lucky I am to be here. I am very grateful for the opportunity that has been afforded to me and I feel like I have gained a lot of empathy through my interactions,” Yao Fu, Gallatin ’17


“I went to a very small high school that lacked diversity. NYU, however, is a global community. Attending NYU has allowed me to learn about different cultures around the world, explore many different perspectives, and even experience living abroad. As a result, I have become more open and willing to step out of my comfort zone,” Sara Logemann, Stern ’16


 “Writing The Essay made me simultaneously realize how much I hate essays and the lack of talent I have for writing essays. Tears will never not be shed over this course and I really hope one day I can look back on it and say that it helped me.. but I don’t think I will.” Tamara Nicole-Johnson, Tisch ’18 (right)


“I have found people here who saw something implicitly valuable in me–that faith in me caused me to re-examine my sense of self and identity and now I really understand who I am and why I value the things I do. I have a great respect for myself now and the validity of my wants and aspirations and the way in which I go about achieving them, which gives me such stability and self-assurance to carry through the rest of my life.” Mary H. , Steinhardt ’17 (right)

“She’s better at this than I am!” Tara, Steinhardt ’17 (left)


“Superficially and honestly, I think NYU has changed my wardrobe, for the better. Aside from all jokes, NYU really has changed me in a way I can’t quite put my finger on yet. I feel like I am a different person, a person that I want to be. My future goal is always changing and my strategy to get there is still unclear, and while I just started here at NYU, I know I am in the right place,” Maia Van De Mark, CAS ’18


“This is a big school, there are probably a lot of other people who you could ask who would give a better answer!” Anonymous, shy NYU undergrads


“I don’t think NYU has changed me exactly, but it showed me who I really am and always was,” Isabella Stoller, Liberal Studies ’17


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