Theme IV: Chance Encounters, Intro

In a city of over eight million, the possibilities for interactions with people of all ages and walks of life are limitless. Some of these intersections go by unnoticed or easily forgotten while others stay with us, sometimes for months or years. Whether happily serendipitous or unfortunately sinister, a great deal of our NYC education is gleaned from the knowledge we gain from the strangers who cross our paths. When we look up from our smartphones and unplug our ear buds, we learn as much on a park bench or a subway train as we do within a lecture hall.

This week, we offer chance encounters from across Manhattan, from Morningside Heights to Penn Station to Washington Square Park. Take your pick.

Happy Reading,

Emma Scoble

Under the Arch Editor



Midnight in Washington Square Park by Jordan Melendrez

Penn Station in the Rain by Tamara Wescott

A World to Believe In by Hae Bin Kim

A Vendor in Morningside Heights by Amy Tiong


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