Theme V: LGBTQ, Intro

New York City: you can be who you want, love who you want, and do what you want. Famous as the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement, there are years of history and events, from drag shows and pride parades to protests and the fight for equality. At NYU, where the campus blends into the city, our university is home to a very active LGBTQ community. Here on campus, it’s easy to forget that American society as a whole has not come as far as we often think, particularly in light of controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed last week in Indiana and the still-unresolved national battle to legalize same-sex marriage.

So this week, we ask, what is daily life like today in New York City, almost 50 years after the Stonewall Riots? What sorts of challenges do young, queer students here to study face? What communities have LGBTQ students found or created for themselves? What is the current experience like for students coming from other countries and societies?

We do not attempt to speak for the incredibly diverse spectrum of sexual and gender identities, but this week, we offer a small window into the current experience of being a LGBTQ student at NYU, from campus events to a discussion of current concerns.

Happy Reading,

Emma Scoble

Under the Arch Editor



NYU Drag Queens by Felipe De La Hoz

“Young Queer New York” by Erin Siu

From Tipperary to Manhattan by Tommy Collison


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