Theme V: LGBTQ, NYU Drag Queens

by Felipe De La Hoz


Drag Name: La Gaysha

“For me it started because I love playing with makeup. This event is very dear to my heart because the organization that sponsors us helps homeless LGBT youth. Coming out for anyone is tough, but I couldn’t imagine how it must be for someone who didn’t get the response they deserve as a human being.” Li Lu, Stern ’16


Drag Name: Matte

“It’s been rough. There’s a lot of pressure not to fall into all of the stereotypes, not to be that person who fails in the community, the drag community and the gay community.” Matt McPhillips, Poly ’17


Drag Name: Gaia Softcore

“I’m new to drag. I’m still only 20 years old, I can’t go out to clubs and stuff, so any chance I get to express this, my art form, I love. I’m just loving all of this.” Jeremy Harris, Tisch ’17


Drag Name: Veronica Silver

“A defining moment for me was the first time I broke a heel. I was like ‘Oh God, I’m fucked.’ But I made it through.” Juan Guadalupe, visiting performer

These photos were taken Sixth Annual H.O.T.T. NYU Drag Race, hosted by the Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi.


One comment

  1. emitchelbrown · April 8, 2015

    This is awesome. Will you be doing more of these?

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