Theme VI: Guilty Pleasures, Intro

With an undergraduate population of roughly 22,000, NYU can seem like a constant flurry of faces. As we gain close friends and confidants, some of these faces will become familiar. Many of these faces, however, belong to peers who we will never meet or even see on campus again.

After the initial hurdle of making a new friend can sometimes come a greater challenge—how much of ourselves do we share? If we reveal our guilty pleasures, will it bring us closer together or bring judgment and embarrassment? Learning our new friends’ secrets and quirks can surprise, enchant, or shock us, but most often, these revelations make or break true bonds.

You may have wondered if you’re the only one at NYU with a peculiar habit. Do you hoard fruit? Can’t stop stalking your ex on facebook? Eat rice krispies in the shower? Maybe you’re obsessed with tinder, grindr, and other dating apps? Trust me—you are not alone. From secret eccentricities to potentially disastrous illegal activities, join us as we survey the guilty pleasures of NYU. This week, you’re in for a wild ride.

Happy Reading,

Emma Scoble

Under the Arch Editor



Campus Confessions by Emily Harris

Video Gameplays by Erin Siu

NYC Kink by Anonymous


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