Theme I: Habits, Intro

We welcome you back to school with writing pieces on habits. With the start of a new year comes promises to make changes for the better: be it keeping up with that over-flooded email box, staying hydrated, forgetting about your ex, or skipping those tempting drunken dollar slices. We applaud you for trying — especially if a good story comes from it.

Please enjoy this week’s non-fiction, fiction, and poetry all about habits, found in the table of contents below and published throughout the week.

Happy Reading!

Hannah Treasure, Under the Arch Editor


Dinner at Empellon” by Daniel Yeom

Pink Eye” by Kiyomi Taylor

Grandpa Ted” by Emma Dollery

Quitting” by Monica “the Abstract”

6 AM” by Olivia Roos

Old Habits Die Hard” by Anna Yao

To Be, or not To Do” by Sebastian Muriel

Southern Habit” by Hannah Treasure

There Is A Girl In My Seat” by Riley Cardoza

A Concrete Habit” by Kaitlyn McNab


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