Theme II: Pride, “Contemplating Monogamy”

By M.M.

Providing no context, I say—

“I think I can do this…

“I think we can do this.”

You understand.

I always took pride in my independent nature.

I scoffed at the members of couples—

“halves” I derisively named them.

Repulsed by the concept of possession,

I asserted I could never be “had.”

I strictly performed this solitary identity;

I called myself an “individual.”

But, now, you ask me

to commit myself to you—

you, Mr. Six-Hours-Away.

I wonder:

if I renounce my principles,

would it really be me

that you’re with?

I know that you’re right,

that casual sex is meaningless,

fills me with hollow substance.

The muscles in my jaw tighten;

I cringe as you suggest that

I “want to keep my options open.”

I know, in the end, I want nobody but you.

I’ve felt so different

over the spans of time I spent with you.

And, maybe, in some ways

I am someone new.

We have grown together.

Intimate, we intertwined ourselves.

Maybe this closeness can overcome

our current physical distance.

Now, I’m not afraid to commit.

I think we can do this.


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