Theme II: Pride, Intro

From its towering architecture to suffocating subways, a city like New York can be difficult to find pride in. How can you find your passion, your niche, your identity, in a city that constantly reminds you that you’re just another passing face? The writers this week have proven pride is something we carry with us — whether shouldered quietly or adorned boldly — or is continuously searched for. A journey. What we’re proud of and what we’ve accomplished is what motivates us to keep going, and is what makes up the larger masterpiece of diversity this city displays. Maybe you’re proud of where you’re from, proud of your someone you’re close with’s character, or proud of the fact that you haven’t given up that battle between pride and shame within yourself. Whatever it is, stand tall and enjoy this week’s work.

Happy reading!

Hannah Treasure, Under the Arch Editor


The Flag On Missionary Ridge” by Shawn Paik

Fish, Fat, and Fury” by Sebastian Muriel

Hands” by Alexie Schwarz

Contemplating Monogamy” by M.M.

Pride” by Anonymous


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