Theme III: Future, Intro

We were promised hover-boards and casual journeys into space, but were given Snapchat stories and the revival of the Razor Scooter. We imagined slipping on spacesuits for our daily wear, but ended up saturated in 90’s nostalgia and normcore. But that doesn’t mean we’re not changing — our generation is attached at the hip to our iPhones, reliance on constant communications and check-ins, being hurt over read-receipts. TVs are becoming obsolete. New friends can be found on the comment section of website. We read news in 140 characters or less.

Whatever the future holds in store for us — be it an educational system based on the Magic School Bus, as suggested by Kiyomi Taylor’s essay, or terrifying amounts of plastic surgery from the fear of growing old, as Emma Dollery haunts us with in her poem — we are constantly evolving, shifting into something we can only vaguely imagine. This week, the writers try to slow down that immense pressure of the future and humanize it. Will we realize our dreams? Will we wake up and wonder how we got here?  We won’t know until we get there.

Happy Reading!

Hannah Treasure, Under the Arch Editor


Life Prescription” by Bourrée Huang

Untitled” by Laura Casado

A Case for The Induction of The Magic School Bus method into the American Educational System” by Kiyomi Taylor

Fantastic” by Emma Dollery

Of Anesthesia” by Nikolas Reda-Castelao

Morning After” by William Beaudoin

Will you close the shade?” by Tia Ramos


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