Theme V: Waiting, “Appaloosa Fall”

By Hannah Treasure

you still taste the grit in your throat
from the appaloosa that left you on
your back in the coral. wind knocked out.
but peering into the mirror, seeing a bruise
the length of your spine, snatches you right
back to the satisfaction of the saddle, how
warmly your cheeks smirked before the fall

what is it that scares you now?
gazing out windows instead of
crawling on fire escapes and
hiding with wide eyes?
now is the time to jump
he has already painted you as
a shadow of resilience five stories high

unhinge your jaw already
you never did it for the fucking blue ribbon
you do everything for the taste
of watermelon
of rotten mango
of how they’re all the same

you drip saliva in anticipation
the dinner bell rings and
flirts and rings again
unhinge your jaw already
just consume


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