Theme V: Waiting, “Waiting Message”

By Olivia Roos

It was Wednesday morning and she was not sure she could make it through . Monday and Tuesday were fine, close to the high from the past weekend; Thursday and Friday were even better, close to the high of the coming weekend. But Wednesday was a hopeless day, too far in the middle of the ocean to see a shadow of land. She really wasn’t sure she was going to make it.

She inched her way into the schoolyard, clutching her Speaking Board closely to her chest. Around her the cheerful cacophony of squeaking chalk escalated as more and more children leapt from their cars, scribbling rapidly on their Speaking Boards once they caught sight of their friends. She tried not to read their messages and kept her head down as she maneuvered her way through, but occasionally a message peaked into her field of vision.

–It’s hopeless! I’m going to fail that test!

–What is she wearing?

–Thanks! My mom got it as a birthday gift

–I mean did she even look at herself in the mirror this morning?

–It went well! He was so sweet

–Might as well do the sighted world a favor and but a bag over her head. LOL!

Blushing an embarrassing beet red, she pulled her hair out of its bun and tried to hide the sweater with it, but to little avail. It wasn’t a particularly ugly sweater, actually many might say that the bottom fringe was endearing and that the sapphire green color complemented her eyes beautifully. But it didn’t fit in that was for certain, and things that don’t fit in don’t get nice things said about them.

She bit her lip and pressed on, using her hair as a blockade from the letters she could see and the words she could hear. When she finally peaked up she had arrived in front of a group of girls that she had written to a couple of times. They didn’t write things about her clothes on their Speaking Boards. And one of the girls, Thia, always smiled at her and wrote something nice to her. She felt her body relax as she stood beside these girls who wrote kind words and she quickly wrote down a hello.

Her board said: Hey guys, you ready for that algebra test?

The girls glanced up at her board but soon resumed the messages between each other; Thia didn’t even look up from the message she was writing. She looked down at her Speaking Board, wondering why this phrase hadn’t gotten a response. It was just a simple small talk question and everyone at school was worried about that test—many Speaking Boards she passed contained lamenting messages about it. She decided to try again.

–Hey do you guys want to hang out this weekend? It’s a long weekend so we don’t have to really worry about homework or anything

Only a few of the girls looked up this time, but the rest ignored her message and just kept writing amonst themselves. Thia included. She frowned. Why couldn’t they respond? Was it so hard to write even a yes or a no? She walked up to Tia and tapped her on the shoulder then pointed at her board.

Thia kept her head down. She pushed her board under Thia’s face and pointed at it again. Tia and the other girls turned in unison and walked away, leaving a barrier of silent space between them.

She looked down at her board down at the forever waiting message. A message banished to the waiting room, never to be picked up or acknowledged. The back of her throat clenched. She didn’t think she could wait for Wednesday to be over.


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