Theme VIII: Body, Introduction

We clean it, feed it, wipe its nose, shave its skin. Lug it around with us to every class. Sprawl it on a bench in the afternoon, ask it to kindly digest ice cream cones. Hope it can fall asleep at night. Dream about it flying. And no matter how much we try, this thing we are forced to coexist with until the end of time doesn’t always represent who we are, or how we think of ourselves as. Doomed to have others only see us by this, this bruised, hastily dressed, bedhead grinning body.

Happy Reading!

Hannah Treasure, Under the Arch Editor


Sixth First Time” by E.R. Pulgar

The Frog” by William Bedouin

Sisyphus’s Machine” by Nikolas Reda-Castelao

Manhattan” by Nicholas Ng

Praying at the Pew of a Savage God” by Nikolas Reda-Castelao

Invisible Oops” by William Bedouin

You Got Me Bad” by Nikolas Reda-Castelao


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