Theme IX: Digital Identity, “LUL (Love You Lex)

By Shawn Paik

My baby sister posted a happy birthday Instagram for a boy. It freaked me out. It’s gushy, I don’t like it. She used to be a lil baby angel of kindness and cuteness, kept safe under the protection of her big brother. Now she’s a 13 year old brat who gives me weird looks and calls me old. She never picks up her phone, but I know she is on it all the time. She talks to boys. She shouldn’t be talking to boys. No good comes from talking to boys. I know this. But how do you be a brother behind a computer screen miles away? I’ve been a brother my whole life. It used to be so simple. I’m probably twice her weight so babysitting was fun. But how things change. Seeing that Instagram was weird. Kinda like the day I came back from college and she had boobs. But I digress. I didn’t know how to react. So, I followed my heart and texted my other sisters. The three of us cyber-siblinged the shit out of my this kid.


Ever since coming to college, I don’t get to see my baby sister as much. I miss her. But I can’t complain. Having siblings is like having ready-made best friends. It’s my job to poke her. What sucks is knowing that most of our interactions are now mediated by Instagram and Facebook. Her friends I’ve never met follow me for some reason. I remember being a kid talking to the kid with older siblings. 21 seemed so old. At least back then, older siblings didn’t have to think about their online appearance to their siblings. Suddenly I can’t just be a brother in real life. I’m just glad I can watch her grow up, even if it’s from far away.


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