Theme XI: Modern Love, Introduction

Before relationship statuses and sexting there was waiting by a phone without caller ID and sending love letters. In the future, maybe it’ll be robots with heart emojis for eyes and retiring the centuries-old custom of marriage. We still use the same word, just expressed in new ways. This week our writers take on the subject of what it means to love in our world today, in conjunction with Washington Square News’ special issue on stands next Monday. Read our take on ‘Modern Love,’ and be sure to pick up a copy of the print edition with even more pieces.

Happy Reading!
Hannah Treasure, Under the Arch Editor


The Almost Text” – Bobby Wagner
On Love” – Bourrée Huang
The Things About Love” – Emily Bellor
Lovely Memories, Old and New” – Grace Halio
The Cruelty and The Cur” – Nikolas Reda-Castelao
Tell Me That You Modern Love Me” – Natalie Soloperto


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