Theme XI: Modern Love, “On Love”

By Bourrée Huang

Treat your infatuations like fevers
Father warns
Sirens will consume you.

You’ll never find someone who loves you more than we do
Mother foretells
Lovers are scarce in this economy.

Love with your head; insulate your heart
Grandfather repeats
Be a pragmatist.

Get a career, not a soulmate
Grandmother pleads
She is as real as tangoing unicorns.

Listen to what your grandmother says
Uncle demands
Unicorns aren’t real.

Love is a blind man’s mirage
Auntie insists
The fool’s trade.

Love is the answer!
Habitually drunk homeless man on corner of Bleecker and Mercer bawls, euphoric
Find truth in platitudes, tenderness in dough, romance in whiskey bottles.


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