Theme XII: Belief, “A Fulfilled Absurdity”

By Sebastian Muriel

The most absurd pursuit one may engage in this life is to search for a deeper meaning in the face of an irrational universe. The absurdity of this ontological pursuit is a social construct founded in the realm of practical tangibility. The social parameters of understanding the deep, wide, and interminable ocean of life are confined by the rocky shores of one-dimensionality. To venture out into the seas of life and search for a meaning beyond the rocky shores is considered absurd; however, the Creator of both the ocean and the shore renders this pursuit virtuous. The humanly conceivable anatomy of God’s handiwork is one that functions through His creation of nothing from everything and everything from nothing. The faith that is demanded to actually believe in the paradoxical anatomy of God is the very virtue derived from the absurd pursuit. Nonetheless, that very virtue of faith is also rightfully considered absurd when its reckless waves are gazed upon from the rocky shores of practical tangibility. The divine construct of faith, however, transcends social understanding and creates waves of spiritual conviction that understand irrationality. The believer who lets himself be taken by these waves is in a state of divine enlightenment that gives meaning to the unfortunately frequent presentations of absurdity in this life.



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