Theme XII: Belief, “Stupid of Me”

By Laura Casado


But of course that would be stupid of me

To believe that it meant something

The hours of conversation

Talking so intensely without focus


Humming and tapping and rocking to melodies

Rhythms and thumps

Pinching knees to make laughter

Finger-painting dimples

Lying chin on shoulder and elbow on hip, I fell in


Blanket swept over outlines

Eyes squeezed tight mouth open gaping

Gasping at invisibility to steady

Slow the speeding deafening thump


Holding my breath as our torsos inched together

Fingers trailing up my side

Dipping and rising

Breaching cloth to find skin

Callouses grazed foamy flesh

Puncturing nerves

Throwing shivers through my body


Rake my senses

Arch into you

Twist up my neck

Bite away my breath


Warmth collides and glows and we are oxygen


But the sun is rising and shines for you

My flicker falls into shadow

Not needed


And that’s fine of course

I’m fine

Because who would be stupid enough to believe that anything existed beyond fat tangible lust

I don’t because

Of course

That would be stupid of me



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