Theme I: Boredom, “Departure from the Couch”

By Sebastian Muriel

I was sinking deeper and deeper into my couch as I mindlessly embarked on the action-

packed quest to save the galaxy. It was my favorite game to play on X-Box every Friday night;

my mom never seemed too happy when she came back late at night and saw me knee-deep in the


It was about three hours since I started playing, and my mom still wasn’t home. When I

played for hours on end, I fell into a state of indifference towards the world around me. That

indifference only lasted for a little while. But I played anyways, even though it was quite boring.

It was getting dark. I heard the piercing slap of a hockey stick against a puck outside in

the street. It was my neighbor, Dakota. Him and I were pretty good pals, but he was always

playing outside. We hadn’t hung out in a while. Just as I was about to kill the supreme galactic

overlord, I heard a knock on my door. It was Dakota.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Let’s go round the back of the country club,” he said. He professionally twiddled with

his hockey stick, half-bragging. “There’s a wedding. Let’s crash it.”

I could hear my galactic troops calling for reinforcements in the other room. “So what

there’s a wedding? I’m busy.”

“C’mon. I’ve got no one else to play with. Barely any kids live here.”

My mom came walking up the steps of the porch. She suddenly looked excited, which

irritated me. I knew where this was going.

“What’re you boys up to? Gonna go out and play?” she asked. Though she said “boys,” she

was looking at me.

I stood uncomfortably still. Dakota innocently smiled at my mom, then slyly looked at

me, as if he had just accomplished his grand coup against me.

“C’mon, son.” She said. “Make some friends.” She looked at me with a kind of

hopefulness that I did not want to satisfy. But her hopeful look was, for some odd reason, enough

for me to leave my galactic troops behind.

“Okay, let’s go.” I said, half-excited.


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