Theme I: Boredom, “For Now”

By Gerry Adetola

So, you would think that the word boredom would have been

eradicated from my vocabulary.

Out of the Garden state to the Empire State, via the Holland


Straight to the city that never sleeps or slumbers;

I have learnt a couple of street names and I can tell you what

train to take to Brooklyn or Queens.

I just left the Bronx a couple of hours ago.

I don’t remember the names of anyone in my class, except that

of my laboratory partner, which my professor assigned to me

days ago.

After months of hoping and wishing I would get out of the

suburbs of New Jersey.

And for once be surrounded by people making earthly noises

and not cars cruising by and trees swaying in the wind.

Funny enough, I still find myself wondering what to do next?

There is here and there is there.

There is a myriad of places to be seen.

I didn’t enjoy my time at the Museum of Moving Images,


However, there is a plethora of activities and a million other

places to scout.

Get involved! Get involved!! That’s all the transfer advisors seem

to have on their agenda.

I know I will get used to it eventually.

I know my feet won’t hurt this much, by next week, from trekking

from Broadway to East 24th street.

Hopefully, I would have made a couple of friends, by next month


But for now, I still find myself looking from the outside in.

At the back of the room looking at old friends catch up on

activities from the winter recess.

At the bar watching lovers whisper and giggle like high school


I am excited, still for the prospects of what the future holds.

It’s the famous New York City.

It has to be all that they claim it is and more.

But for now, I still find myself sampling and not savoring.

I find myself not bored, but on the sidelines.

That is the dilemma of the new Alice in Wonderland.


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