Theme I: Boredom, Introduction

“Bored to Tears” by Shawn Paik

Do you ever get so bored you cry? Like, your nonstop yawning induces your tear ducts to flood your vision in a pathetic attempt to add something, anything, to your present life. Ever been that bored?

You just spent all of January crudding on your New Year’s resolutions by marathoning a show that you don’t even think is that amazing.

You’ve been listening to the same 100 songs for the past month, which seems like a lot, but you skip about 70 of them because they were only good for the first three listenings.

Your kitchen stock is weak. Your cooking skills are weaker. The greatest thing you’ve ever made is popcorn.

You say, “there’s nothing to do,” implying that you’ve exhausted the fun out of every activity the world has to offer.

The biggest problem in your life is that you have nothing to do. People dream of that.


Enjoy this week’s theme, boredom, and Shawn’s introduction that he was too bored to finish. Happy reading!

—Tia Ramos, Under the Arch Editor


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