Theme II: Flowers, “Gardenia”

By Juhi Buch

A fading Gardenia, withering, wilting

Lifeless and Pleading

Silently awaiting

The source of life that permeates

Through its very being.

In its time the sun creeps out

Shows mercy to the petals asking for warmth

Offers it a revived soul.

Rays cascading on the Gardenia with gusto

The forlorn flower is renewed.

Day by day it gains strength

It reaches out for the fiery sphere of life

It finds a reason

A reason to live.

Or perhaps for rebirth.

Gardenia finds its impetus

So do I wait, patiently

Reaching towards that nameless sun

Seeking a purpose, finding a voice.

Only to realize that sun

Is really the one

The one I love.

I am the Gardenia awakened,


Because the sun shines endlessly

Asking nothing in return.


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