Theme IV: Quiet, “Silence Speaks”

By Juhi Buch

I bare the label you give me, with dignity

Introverted, reserved, aloof.

Shy-“you never say anything”

Uninterested in life’s conversations full of



Why do you ask me to participate?

When it overtakes the kindness, humanity, and compassion that

Should be leaving our mouths.

Stop and listen for once

To what is not being said

Pay attention to what is absent.

It is present everywhere if you take a minute

To silence the sound which devours our lives.

HE says, it is not what goes into your mouth that

Defiles you

But what comes out.

Wait until the sound that leaves you is benevolent

Then break the silence.

So much needless talk everywhere

Talk that harms, pains, injures the soul.

I’d rather be quiet than use words

Which destroy the world.


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