Theme V: Firsts, “Metamorphosis”

By Juhi Buch

Keep your eyes open and don’t blink.

Take in every sight, every peculiarity, every unique

Person, place, thing.

It’s The City.

You’re lucky to be here and be near

The busy streets and busier lives.

The City

It’s supposed to be a dream come true.

And then I’m alone.

Lonely despite the perpetual crowd.

No more surrounded by comfort of mother’s love.

No more annoyed by brother’s banter or

Father’s playful shove.

I am on my own.

Independence is a skill

It doesn’t come easy.

I need it

I want it

But I hate it.

I want to run without looking back.

Return to a life that was quiet, familiar,


It will make you stronger, they say.

But you only feel lousier every passing day.

Should I stay, fight on?

It will get better, they say.

But the future seems bleak.

One year goes by, and The City still

Takes its toll.


Ruthless, relentless, merciless.

Two years go by, and The City,

It’s still the same.

But me, I am different.

I can hold my own

Against this place that doesn’t wait for the faint of heart.

The City that claims its glory

Is worth all the chaos and cacophony.

They were right about gaining strength

They were right about things getting better.

Better enough to trudge on.

How much better?

Only time will tell.


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