Theme VI: Loss, “Loss of Life // Death”

By Connor Peters

What series of sad events brought me here?

What happened to me that I shut off my heart from the rest of my consciousness?
What happened to me?
I used to feel so deeply.
A look from an attractive man, I’d turn red as a beet.
A sneer from a peer, my stomach would drop.
A touch from you, electricity would jolt to the spot.
Now I’m trapped in a cage of my own making.
I had decided that all the feelings were too much,
my heart was too easy to touch.
Now I can’t be bothered to feel.
In my mind, I’m reaching through the bars of my cage,
trying to touch what I used to know.
In my heart, I’m sure I still feel.
I just can’t find the vein that brings me to the feeling, to the meaning.
I can’t find the meaning of it all when all of it used to mean everything.
Have I lost my life?
Am I dying?
If this is death,
I don’t know why people are so scared.
You can’t feel a thing.

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