Theme VI: Loss, “Two Dimes”

By Shawn Paik

Yesterday, I had two dimes

Today, I have none

I threw the first one in a fountain

Dropped the second down a well

The first dime, I wished for back

The second time, I wished for more


I regret losing the first one

As soon as I let it go

I wanted it back

I climbed in the fountain

Waded in it

Swam and almost drowned

Looking for the one

There were other coins

Other dimes

Better, shinier ones

Honestly, they’re all the same

But I wanted mine

I kept looking for the one

That I lost

Spent all day then left

Empty hands in empty pockets


Lost my second dime to a well

Well, I threw it away

No regrets

I threw them right in there too

As soon as I let go

I watched it all disappear

Deeper, deeper

Into who cares

I didn’t even stay to hear it drop

Because I got what I wished for

I wanted an investment

Give up two dimes, leave with a thought

Maybe one day, I’ll get them back

I hope not

Those were my dimes

I gave them to myself

Maybe one day, I’ll own the fountain

Maybe one day, I’ll dig the well


Today, I have no dimes

I sank ’em both

I can’t find them

I’m not looking

I’d rather earn it.


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