Theme VIII: Consumption, “Consumption”

By Juhi Buch

I’m sort of an all or nothing type of person.

Middle ground? Grey area? On the fence?

Forget it

The things I love, I am engulfed by

Consumed by

But in a good way I promise.

It isn’t obsession, nor is it addiction

It’s just devotion in the purest sense.

I know none other than giving my all

To what I hold dear.

And for the things that I don’t,

I could hardly shed a tear.

I’d trade my soul

For that cause which I speak of

Because everything else is merely

In the shadows


Of my heart.

The world could go down in flames

But I wouldn’t care, if I’m saving the one I love

Only a few things, people, places

Tip the scale inside me.

Mostly it feels good

To be consumed by one thing, person, place

So passionately, loyally, irrevocably.

But sometimes it’s risky

Believe me.

They say for every action

There is an equal and opposite reaction.


That law, Sir Newton, means nothing

When you give your every ounce

And get back something



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