Theme IX: Weakness, Introduction

I’m sure we’ve all seen those viral Facebook pictures “Tag someone who ____” on our newsfeed. Currently, I’m a witness to a war between two friends who think it’s funny to tag each other in as many of those pictures as possible. My friend from high school recently tagged me in one that said “Tag someone who lifts every day.” If you’ve ever seen me, it is quite clear that this a joke—weighing a solid 105 on a good day and reaching the extreme height of 5’2″ (wearing my Docs), I often have to wake up my suitemates to open the coconut oil jar to wash my face. Even though I can definitively say that I don’t have bulging muscles, I was flattered that my friend even jokingly called me strong. Even though I know I’m small, I hate being called weak. It’s so easy to blur the lines between the physical and the emotional sometimes, I refuse to see myself as anything less than strong. Enjoy this week’s pieces, where our writers explore weakness in its varying facets.

Happy reading!

Tia Ramos, Editor


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