Theme I: Bathroom Mishaps; Introduction

The night before my first pitch meeting of the semester, my ceiling was pouring out shit water.

My roommate, my boyfriend and I went out to get Sixteen Handles and left my roommate’s mom who was napping on the couch. Not 20 minutes later, we return to see all of our trashcans aligned in front of my roommates door, our kitchen towels sopping up our wooden floor, and my roommate’s mom frantically talking on the phone in Spanish. She asked us if it’s raining outside as little pellets of water hit her shoulders. We informed her it wasn’t.

After some investigating, we realize that our neighbors above us are throwing a party and that one of their drunken guests had fallen on the toilet and broken it. The water coming from our ceiling was due to the now-broken plumbing which resulted in that apartment’s sewage finding a home in my roommate’s doorway.

Everyone has had bathroom mishaps. Sometimes you’re just too drunk and you break a toilet. Or maybe you really had to pee while romantically walking along the Hudson so you duck in a bush and pop a squat. Enjoy this week’s Under the Arch theme and welcome this semester’s writers.

Much love,

Tia Ramos, Under the Arch Editor


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